Scholes Cricket Club - Juniors


4-May-14Area 13CBroad OakScholes
11-May-14Area 13CHonleyScholes
25-May-14Area 13CScholesThongsbridge
01-Jun-14Area 13CMelthamScholes
08-Jun-14Area 13CScholesGolcar
15-Jun-14Area 13CBirkby Rose HillScholes
22-Jun-14Area 13CScholesThurstonland
29-Jun-14Area 13CScholesBroad Oak
04-Jul-14Area 13CScholesHonley
13-Jul-14Area 13CThongsbridgeScholes
20-Jul-14Area 13CScholesMeltham
25-Jul-14Area 13CGolcarScholes
03-Aug-14Area 13CScholesBirkby Rose Hill
10-Aug-14Area 13CThurstonlandScholes
30-Apr-14Area 11CScholes ASkelmanthorpe
07-May-14Area 11CEmleyScholes A
14-May-14Cup 1st Rnd
21-May-14Area 11CScholes ADelph & Dobcross
28-May-14Area 11CScholes AUpperthong B
04-Jun-14Area 11CShepleyScholes A
11-Jun-14Area 11CScholes AHolmbridge
18-Jun-14Area 11CDenbyScholes A
25-Jun-14Area 11CScholes AScholes B
02-Jul-14Area 11CShelleyScholes A
09-Jul-14Area 11CScholes Atba
16-Jul-14Area 11CScholes Atba
23-Jul-14Area 11CScholes Atba
30-Jul-14Area 11CScholes Atba
06-Aug-14Area 11CScholes Atba
30-Apr-14Area 11CShepleyScholes B
07-May-14Area 11CScholes BHolmbridge
14-May-14Cup 1st Rnd
21-May-14Area 11CDenbyScholes B
28-May-14Area 11CMarsdenScholes B
04-Jun-14Area 11CScholes BShelley
11-Jun-14Area 11CSkelmanthorpeScholes B
18-Jun-14Area 11CScholes BEmley
25-Jun-14Area 11CScholes AScholes B
02-Jul-14Area 11CScholes BUpperthong B
09-Jul-14Area 11CScholes Btba
16-Jul-14Area 11CScholes Btba
23-Jul-14Area 11CScholes Btba
30-Jul-14Area 11CScholes Btba
06-Aug-14Area 11CScholes Btba

The U9s played in there first tournament at Lepton, and did very well! Especially with it being most of the players first tournament ever. They tied the first game against Clayton West, and unluckily lost the bowl out after sudden death. They won the last 2 games beating Thurstonland and hosts Lepton - therefore finishing the tournament unbeaten. Great start! Well done all! Our tournament was scheduled for spring bank weekend, and unfortunately the rain won and we had to cancel the tournament. The next tournament we shall play in is at Marsden CC on 14/6/14.